Request for Qualifications

Economic Development Parcel Readiness Project

Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana

Elton, LA

Posted: 11/09/2012
Submittal Deadline: 11/28/2012

The Tribe has been awarded funding through a USDA Rural Business Opportunity Grant (RBOG) program to complete an economic development parcel readiness assessment, feasibility and market study with basic business plans for a minimum of three parcels located primarily in Jefferson Davis and Allen parishes in Louisiana State. We are seeking the services of an experienced individual, team or firm to provide economic development planning and feasibility study expertise. Proposals that reflect experience working with Native American tribes, within Louisiana State and/or proven abilities in the areas of assessing parcel economic development readiness will be most competitive.

Project Description and Introduction
The Tribe will be completing Phase I of the Coushatta Economic Development Parcel Readiness Project with funds from the USDA RBOG program. This first phase will end with three implementation ready economic development projects that will have been analyzed, studied, tested and proven to be feasible by economic development specialists.

Proposal Requirements:
Proposal must contain the following components. Additional information that may prove beneficial to the Tribe during the rating and awarding process is welcomed. Proposers are asked to refrain from submitting proposals that will not be easily duplicated such as those with spiral binding, photos and fold-out or other larger than letter-sized paper.
1. Contact name, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.
2. Detailed description of skills, experience and ability to meet project requirements including
identification and designation of roles/responsibilities of key project staff.
3. Client references including project type, dates, contact info and description.
4. Detailed description of approach to project including all of the requirements listed below.
5. Detailed project timeline and deliverables.
6. Statement of acceptance to perform services in compliance with USDA RBOG program
Requirements including but not limited to; grant contract terms and conditions,
RD-Instructions 4284-G and applicable OMB circulars as applicable to project and
contractor's scope-of-work.
7. Statement of acceptance, ability and willingness to: enter into a Professional Services
Contract or like; to complete and submit USDA form AD-104-Certification; and provide any
additional forms and/or certifications as required by the Tribe and/or the USDA.
8. Comprehensive and detailed break-down of proposal budget including fee structure/schedule.
9. Statement addressing minority, women, Native American business ownership

Proposal Scope-of-Work:
1. The Tribe has defined the following activities, deliverables and task lengths for each of the project's phases specific to the contracted services scope-of-work.
2. Consultants are invited to submit proposals that adhere to the proposed scope-of-work as outlined below or an alternate scope-of-work or approach as long as the deliverables, end results and project timeline remains consistent.
3. Proposals in excess of $75,000 will not be reviewed.
4. Proposed Scope-of-Work:

A. Phase I-Site Economic Development Potential and Readiness Review: Staff from our Department of Commerce as advised by CEDAC members will identify six to twelve tribally- held land parcels located primarily in Allen and Jefferson Davis parish. The contracted Consultant will complete an economic development readiness and planning effort as summarized below. The Consultant will perform under the direction of Shana Harmon.

Estimated Phase I Length-5 months
1. Purpose-identify three parcels that are the most "ready" to move forward with economic development endeavors.
2. Summary-Consultant will conduct an economic development potential and readiness review for a minimum of five land parcels located primarily in Jefferson Davis and Allen Parish in Louisiana as identified by the Tribe.
3. Deliverable-an initial ranked analysis of each site detailing economic development strengths, weaknesses and development recommendations based on readily available data and information.

Proposed Approach-An initial analysis that includes, based on readily available data and information (as appropriate), but is not be limited to: Infrastructure such as utilities and transportation; target industries; appropriate zoning for intended use; environmental considerations; infrastructure availability - water, sewer, natural gas, fiber optic; existing easements or encroachments; existing soil conditions; topography; surrounding uses; physical attributes; relative analytic demographic factors; traffic and highway factors; roads providing access to the proposed sites; trading areas to be served by the proposed development; to competition in the surrounding area; to potential tenant profiles; type of construction possibilities; site constraints; quality of life; cultural amenities; and/or recreation

B. Phase II-Economic Development Feasibility Study and Business Plan: completed by the Consultant under the supervision and direction of Shana Harmon.

Phase II Length-5 months
1. Summary-completion of economic development feasibility studies and business plans for a minimum of three of the parcels reviewed and ranked in Phase I.
2. Deliverable-completed feasibility/marketing study with business plan for a minimum of three parcels that includes, but is not limited to:
2.a-Proposed Feasibility Study Components; economic, market, technical and financial; and
2.b-Proposed Business Plan Components; executive summary, company overview, business environment, company description, company strategy, financial review and action plan.

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