Request for Proposals

Zoning Code Rewrite

City of Sioux City

Sioux City, IA

Posted: 11/27/2012
Submittal Deadline: 01/07/2013


The City of Sioux City is located in the heart of northwest Iowa with a 2011 estimated population of 82,967 persons. The City of Sioux City covers approximately 59 square miles and has a unique composition of both urban and rural land uses. Twice named an All-America City by the National Civic League, Sioux City, Iowa serves as the regional hub for business, employment, industry, retail trade, medical care, educational opportunities and tourism in Northwest Iowa, Southeast South Dakota and Northeast Nebraska. More than 140,000 people live in the tri-state metropolitan area.

In August 2005, the Sioux City City Council adopted our Comprehensive Plan titled “My Home, Our Neighborhood, Everybody’s Hometown”. A product of extensive public interaction invested by City personnel, Boards and Commissions, steering committees, a technical resource group and the citizens of Sioux City, “My Home, Our Neighborhood, Everybody’s Hometown” sets a clear direction for the City to follow as it looks to the future. The Plan describes a vision for the City for the next 20 to 30 years based on the opinions, desires and values of Sioux City’s citizens. The Plan provides the means to realizing the vision through stated goals and specific implementation strategies that the City will follow over time to achieve the desired future of Sioux City’s residents.

The purpose of this project is to rewrite the Zoning Code for the City of Sioux City, including a new zoning map. With the adoption of the city's Comprehensive Plan in 2005, recently adopted neighborhood plans, the adoption of Design Guidelines, and the age of the existing Zoning Code there is a need to update the Zoning Code. Sioux City’s current Zoning Code, adopted in 1976, does not reflect best and desired zoning and planning practices. A copy of the existing zoning code can be found on the City of Sioux City website. As one of the main tools to implement the Comprehensive Plan, it is essential that a new code be developed that includes progressive provisions that address mixed-use development, form-based concepts and regulations that are consistent with the City's vision.

Project Objectives
1. Ensure that the new Zoning Code implements the City's adopted Comprehensive Plan (August 2005).
2. Interface the new Zoning Code with the adopted Design Guidelines.
3. Work with the City Attorney to assure that the Zoning Code meets the requirements of Iowa State Statutes.
4. The City desires a Zoning Code that is based on sound principles of smart growth, mixed-use and sustainable development.
5. The City desires a Zoning Code that incorporates land use-based and form-based zoning provisions. The provisions shall address the design and land use recommendations of the City's various codes, ordinances and plans.
6. The City desires a Zoning Code that includes provisions that will help the City achieve high¬ quality infill and redevelopment projects that are consistent with the context of existing development in the area.
7. The City desires a Zoning Code that promotes and supports a multi-modal transportation system.
8. The City desires a Zoning Code that maintains and enhances the fabric of existing neighborhoods.
9. The City desires to Interface the new Zoning Code with other ordinances of the City.
10. The City desires a Zoning Code that includes graphics that illustrate regulations and make the Code easy to use.
11. The City desires a Zoning Code that that is logically organized, easy to understand, and is consistent in terms of processes and requirements.
12. Identify locations that may become a nonconforming use, as to actual use of the property, under the proposed Code and map.
13. The City desires a Zoning Map that establishes a zoning district for all properties within the City and aligns with the Zoning Code.

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