Request for Proposals

Corridor Mobility Master Plan

San Luis Obispo Council of Governments

San Luis Obispo, CA

Posted: 12/04/2012
Submittal Deadline: 01/22/2013


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Request for proposals for US 101 Corridor Mobility Master Plan in the San Luis Obispo region. Plan will include will include a set of capacity and operational improvement strategies, recommendations, an implementation plan, and technical analysis of projects for project prioritization. The US 101 Corridor, as referenced throughout this scope of work, includes the US 101 facility, adjacent frontage roads, parallel routes, intersections, and access points for bicyclists, pedestrians, transit and car/vanpool facilities (e.g.; park and ride lots).

The US 101 Corridor Mobility Master Plan will examine the current conditions, identify key deficiencies, and analyze potential improvements on and adjacent to the US 101 Corridor through the San Luis Obispo Region. The master plan will build upon previous corridor studies and plans by providing an analysis of all existing studies, plans and project development; including completed, planned, and programmed projects. The master plan will evaluate the performance of the corridor, system deficiencies and planned improvements (from the 2010 RTP and prior studies and plans) using appropriate performance measures.

Deliverables will include:

1. A set of prioritized capacity and operational improvement strategies and recommendations, and an implementation plan based on performance, cost, and benefits to be incorporated into the 2014 Regional Transportation Plan.
2. A technical analysis of high priority areas for potential projects and their respective benefit.
3. A well written readable plan.

Funding for this project comes from a Partnership Planning Grant awarded by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) along with SLOCOG matching funds.