Request for Proposals

Commercial Development Market Analysis

City of Fairfax

Fairfax, VA

Posted: 12/27/2012
Submittal Deadline: 01/18/2013


The City of Fairfax, Virginia requests sealed proposals from firms with proven experience conducting real estate market analyses for mixed-use town centers, suburban commercial corridors, and redevelopment/revitalization areas and with demonstrated knowledge of the site selection criteria of major retailers, national hoteliers, and regional office tenants, to prepare a Commercial Development Market Analysis for the Fairfax Boulevard corridor. The analysis will serve as a foundation on which the city can create an environment supportive of mixed-use redevelopment through public policy and regulations.

The purpose of the Analysis is to provide the City with a clear understanding of the market potential of the selected sectors over the next ten years at the designated locations. The Analysis will serve as part of the data-driven due diligence that will be used by the City to formulate an overall redevelopment program for the nodes, as well as to assist in the evaluation of current development proposals presented to the City. The redevelopment program will outline the preferred uses, the scale of development, the required infrastructure improvements, the development incentives, and the phasing of public and private investment. By analyzing the commercial potential of these planned mixed-use nodes, the Analysis will be utilized to guide the site layout and design, build out plan, and phasing of redevelopment, all of which would be developed after the Analysis as part of separate efforts. Ultimately, the Analysis will be incorporated into materials for marketing properties within the nodes to prospective investors. This solicitation is limited to a quantitative analysis of a 10-year commercial market potential for these nodes that includes recommendations on how the City can achieve its objectives related to attracting high-quality establishments within the selected sectors and improving the viability of future development.