Request for Qualifications

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

City of Mason City

Mason City, IA

Posted: 01/07/2013
Submittal Deadline: 02/01/2013


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MASON CITY, IOWA, population 28,079, is the market center of north central Iowa, halfway between Des Moines and the Twin Cities. Historically a manufacturing center, Mason City has transitioned to a service economy and is home to a large regional hospital and health care center. Mason City is best known as the birthplace of Meredith Willson, composer of “The Music Man” and other Broadway musicals, and for its outstanding collection of Prairie School architecture, including the only remaining hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. In 2011, Mason City was chosen as a pilot community for the Blue Zones Project, which focuses on individual, business, family, community and government strategies to help people live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. The Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan is a crucial element of the City's Blue Zones effort.

The City will work with the chosen consultant on a final scope of services. However, the plan is expected to include the following activities and elements:

• Working with a steering committee and technical work group throughout the process;
• preparing and facilitating a process for public input and involvement;
• providing opportunities for public comment and education in a variety of formats throughout the process;
• reviewing and analyzing the City’s prior planning efforts and incorporating them into the new plan as needed;
• a thorough analysis of existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities;
• locations of origins and destinations for cyclists and pedestrians;
• identification of gaps and barriers in the trail and sidewalk system;
• recommendations for improvements to the trail and sidewalk system;
• an overview of design elements serving non-motorized travel;
• implementation measures, particularly innovative processes for sidewalk construction, replacement and repair;
• identification of funding sources;
• other issues identified during the planning process;
• building consensus for the plan;
• preparing all written and graphic products associated with the project in a timely manner; and
• periodically soliciting input from and updating the City Council and other City officials on the process.

The plan is expected to address project objectives that include, among other things:

• Creation of a master plan that will safely accommodate those wishing to use non-motorized travel modes for transportation and/or recreation;
• Implementation of a non-motorized transportation master plan that serves all legal users, including children, the elderly and the disabled;
• Identification of a base network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities that provides local connectivity, as well as connections to regional non-motorized transportation facilities;
• Other important elements identified by the consultant that will lead to successful implementation and funding.

The final deliverables shall meet City goals for accessible and implementable plans:

• a user-friendly format that includes high-quality illustrations and maps;
• clear, concise and common-sense language that is easily accessible to all users;
• map layers that can be accessed by City staff in the City’s ArcGIS system;
• easy online access that integrates the final plan onto the City's website.

A statement of qualifications shall include the following elements:

• Qualifications of the firm and key project personnel, including the firm's knowledge and experience with bicycle and pedestrian plans and funding sources, and resumes of key personnel.
• Statement of project understanding.
• Detailed approach to completing the project, broken down by task, including public participation.
• Expected role of City staff and the local steering committee in the project.
• Proposed project schedule sequence.
• Proposed project budget and billing rates, including hourly rates of project personnel.
• Sample deliverables from similar projects, including examples of plans, graphics and maps.
• References from bicycle/pedestrian projects for communities of similar size and or character to Mason City.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

• Team qualifications and previous related work experience from similar projects.
• Demonstrated knowledge of and familiarity with this type of project by key personnel to be assigned to the project.
• Understanding of the City’s needs and the project objectives as demonstrated by a proposed approach to a scope of work.
• Quality and clarity of sample deliverables from similar projects.
• References from recent related projects of similar size and scope.
• Ability to complete the project within the specified timeframe.
• Total cost to complete the project.

Project Budget: Not to exceed $45,000.

Expected Project Schedule: The plan must be completed and approved by the City no later than December 3, 2013.

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2013 at 4:00 PM Central Standard Time. Please submit 1 hard copy plus 7 CDs of your Statement of Qualifications. Late proposals will not be considered.

Please submit proposals to:

City of Mason City
Development Services Department, 10 First Street N.W., Mason City, IA 50401

Questions may be directed to:

Steven J. Van Steenhuyse, Development Services Director
(641) 421-3626