Request for Proposals

Customer Experience Center

MorphoTrust USA

Washington, DC

Posted: 01/31/2013
Submittal Deadline: 02/15/2013


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MorphoTrust™ USA today issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for attraction and exhibit designers and builders for a Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Washington, D.C. MorphoTrust is the leading U.S. provider of secure ID solutions for federal, state and local government. The goal of the CEC is to provide an illustrative showroom for potential partners, customers and government agencies to meet with MorphoTrust executives to discuss ways in which MorphoTrust can help to simplify, protect and secure the lives of Americans. Companies interested in participating as a contractor or subcontractor should submit complete competency profiles by February 15.

The types of companies encouraged to participate in this RFP process have experience creating custom demonstration or educational environments including specialized audio/visual effects, exhibits and educational display systems, or custom animations as a contractor or subcontractor organization. Advertising agencies, tradeshow and event companies, multi-media companies, or companies that serve attractions or museums to create solutions that provide memorable, immersive customer experiences are encouraged to participate.

MorphoTrust delivers solutions for secure ID issuance, including U.S. driver licenses and passports, as well as for border management, law enforcement, retail, travel and applicant vetting through document authentication, data verification and biometrics (iris, fingerprints and face). While technology will be demonstrated in the CEC, its goals exceed those of a typical demonstration room. MorphoTrust seeks to create a visceral reaction to its competencies to create a memorable experience for visitors and to convey a sense of thought leadership and ability to solve high-risk problems related to MorphoTrust’s business of ensuring that people are who they claim to be.

To maximize the creativity and originality of the proposals, MorphoTrust will not dictate a specific solution for the CEC. Rather, the RFP outlines performance specifications and concepts of operations/use cases for the project. Although not required, it is highly desired for a master contract award for a company who can act in the capacity of a prime contractor and project management organization that is capable of providing a complete solution or is capable of managing subcontractors and niche vendors required to deliver the end result. Based on review of the material submitted, MorphoTrust will invite select companies to both an on-site meeting in Washington, D.C. as well as a formal presentation to its top executives at its headquarters in the greater Boston area.

The full RFP can be accessed at Contact Margaret Paradiso Bouse at for additional information.