Request for Proposals

Corridor Redevelopment Plan

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation

Youngstown, OH

Posted: 02/05/2013
Submittal Deadline: 03/08/2013


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A. Project Description:
This project is a multifaceted corridor redevelopment plan for a study area of approximately three (3) miles along the US422 corridor, leading from Wirt Street in the City of Youngstown, Mahoning County, Ohio near the Madison Avenue Expressway to Liberty Street in the City of Girard, Trumbull County, Ohio. The study will provide a framework for redevelopment along the corridor with an emphasis on economic development.

In recent years, the US422 corridor has experienced significant economic growth due to the recent historic expansion and investments made by V&M Star and anticipated future development related to V&M Star and the emerging energy industry. US422 is a major highway connecting communities from Pennsylvania into Cleveland, Ohio, including the cities of Youngstown and Girard.

In the past three years, V & M Star announced plans for a $650,000,000 investment in new, state-of-the-art steel pipe production facilities. In all, V & M Star is expending approximately $1.2 billion on a new rolling mill and finishing plant along the US422 Corridor in the cities of Youngstown and Girard. The current corridor is a largely commercial and industrial landscape adjacent to distressed neighborhoods characterized by vacant lots, deteriorated and blighted housing, and high rates of poverty. The corridor also includes several major highway intersections including the Madison Avenue Expressway, the 711 Connector, and the I-80 Interchange.

Interested stakeholders working together from Mahoning and Trumbull counties are planning for redevelopment and future development of the corridor given the already historic investments by V&M Star.

The Trumbull County Planning Commission (TCPC) and the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation (YNDC) will work collaboratively with the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber (YWRC), City of Youngstown (Mahoning County), City of Girard (Trumbull County), V&M Star, local elected officials, and other key stakeholders to lead and manage the work of a qualified consultant to develop a comprehensive study including land use and zoning, housing stock, environmental resources, corridor resources, and the transportation network.

The study area consists of the US422 highway corridor leading from the City of Youngstown at the Madison Avenue Expressway to Liberty Street in the City of Girard (see attached Study Area map), a distance of approximately three (3) miles. The focus of the study area is the properties having frontage along US422 and adjacent residential neighborhoods as defined in the attached Study Area map and project area description. The study boundaries are Liberty Street in the City of Girard to the North, Meridian Road to the West, the Madison Avenue Expressway to the South, and Wirt Street and the 711 Connector to the East. See attached Study Area map.

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, a community development corporation in the City of Youngstown, the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber, and the Trumbull County Planning Commission will be responsible for administering and overseeing the project on behalf of stakeholders in both counties.

Geographically, the US422 Corridor is located in the northeastern portion of Mahoning County and bisects the southern half of Trumbull County as it traverses westerly to Cleveland in an area widely known as the Mahoning Valley. Historically, the US422 Corridor has housed steel and other heavy manufacturing facilities. Mahoning and Trumbull Counties are the state’s 10th and 12th largest counties respectively in terms of population, housing a combined 445,000 persons. Youngstown is the ninth largest city in the State of Ohio, with a population of approximately 67,000, while the City of Girard is ranked 174 at less than 10,000 in population.

B. Description of Services Required:
YNDC and TCPC are seeking a consulting firm or consulting team to complete the US422 Corridor Study. This unique planning project will require a community-based approach identifying innovative yet realistic ideas for the multijurisdictional study area.

The staff of the YWRC, YNDC, and TCPC will assist the selected consultant through the provision of in-kind services toward the completion of the project. Staff will provide existing GIS, digital mapping and hard copy data. YNDC and TCPC staff will also lead the community outreach and meeting coordination. Staff will not be assuming responsibility for completion of scope of work items or any hard costs associated with the project other the tasks described herein.

The selected consultant must be able to complete this project no later than October 31, 2013.

C. Who May Respond:
Any consulting firm, consulting team, or other organization with appropriate expertise may respond.

D. Contracting Agency:
YNDC, a non-profit agency, issues this Request for Proposals (RFP). Administrative offices are located at 201 East Commerce Street, Suite 140, Youngstown, Ohio 44503.

E. Project Budget:
The budget range for this project is between $100,000 and $200,000.

F. Project Timeline:
The project must be completed within a six (6) month timeframe. It is essential that this project be completed on schedule in a timely manner to have planning and implementation tools in advance of anticipated new growth in the corridor. In selecting a planning consultant for this project, YNDC will consider proposals that reflect an understanding of the time-critical nature of this effort.

Detailed scheduling of the project will be negotiated during the contract negotiations between the selected Consultant and YNDC. The date for initiation of the contract as well as the overall contract performance period will be negotiated based upon the tentative project timeline as follows:

March 8, 2013 — Deadline for Proposal Submission
April 10, 2013 — Tentative Date for Award of Contract
April 12, 2013 — Project Start Date
October 31, 2013 — Project Completion Date