APA members who are working to promote social, economic, and racial equity have come together at National Planning Conferences to share information, resources, and ideas. Members and others have explored how APA can do more for people of color in local communities, in the planning profession, and among our own members.

2015 Forum

The 2015 Diversity Forum in Seattle examined the practices of municipal, county, and nonprofit agencies that are advancing equity and inclusion in planning in measurable ways through unique initiatives and programs.

Participants walked away with ideas for building their own toolbox of strategies for integrating equity and inclusion into your personal practice as a planner and/or the practices of the organizations or communities with which you work.

Forum panelists included:

Danielle DeRuiter-Williams, Urban Habitat

Southimala Kessay, YMCA of Greater Seattle

Pedro Gomez, City of Seattle, Office of the Mayor

Edward Prince, Washington State Commission on African American Affairs

Paula Harris-White, King County, Washington Department of Executive Services

View the 2015 Diversity Forum presentation (ppt)

View the 2015 Diversity Forum breakout group summary (pdf)

2015 Diversity Task Force

APA Diversity Task Force: Top row from left: Bill Anderson, FAICP; Miguel Vazquez, AICP; Joseph Curtis, AICP; Jennifer Erickson; Jeanette Dinwiddie-Moore, FAICP; Carol Rhea, FAICP; Bottom row from left: Deden Rukmana; Angela Brooks, AICP; Monica Groh; Libby Tyler, FAICP. Photo by Joe Szurszewski.