Diversity Summit II

More than 200 APA members gathered at the 2005 APA National Planning Conference in San Francisco for Diversity Summit II, a follow up to the successful 2004 Minority Planning Summit held during the last conference in Washington, D.C. The diverse audience also included several members of APA's leadership and staff.

Following the 2004 summit, former APA President Mary Kay Peck, AICP, appointed a Diversity Task Force. The task force was charged with:

• Holding a Diversity Summit at the 2005 APA National Planning Conference in San Francisco and

• Developing concrete ways for APA to attract, retain, and better serve minority members.

This 15-person task force chaired by Mitchell Silver, AICP, and Robert Barber, AICP, developed a report and set of recommendations entitled "Integrating Diversity in the Planning Profession." The report provides background information on minority membership; lists APA and AICP's accomplishments as they relate to minority members/concerns; summarizes the 2004 Minority Planning Summit and findings; draws on the APA Growth Strategy and, finally, offers the Diversity Task Force's recommendations to APA which are aimed to attracting, retaining and better serving minority members. All of the recommendations made in the report were reviewed and adopted by the APA Board at an earlier meeting during the San Francisco conference.

The summit was facilitated by Barber and included presentations by Peck who outlined the charge she gave to the diversity task force; Silver who presented the task force report and recommendations; APA Executive Director Paul Farmer, AICP, who reported on APA's progress since the 2004 Minority Planning Summit; APA President Dave Siegel, AICP, who reiterated APA's commitment to this issue and outlined the next steps for implementation, and AICP President Sue Schwartz, AICP, who outlined AICP's work in this area and support of the report recommendation. All of the speakers encouraged summit participants to stay in touch with APA leadership and to actively participate in the implementation of the report recommendations.

Following Diversity Summit II, the APA Diversity Subcommittee was established as a subcommittee of the APA Membership Committee. The Diversity subcommittee is charged with implementing the recommendations of the Diversity Task Force.