Planning For All

How we foster equity, diversity, and inclusion

Together we are committed to strengthening and evolving planning's central role in creating equitable, diverse, and inclusive communities.

Expand Representation

Increase the visibility of diversity, inclusion, and social equity policy positions

Integrate diversity, inclusion, and social equity into all APA conferences

Promote active diversity and inclusion initiatives in all APA chapters

Integrate diversity and inclusion into APA staff and leadership training

Address Barriers

Reflect U.S. demographic diversity in APA membership and leadership

Emphasize the diversity goals of APA's Student and New Member programs

Expand the APA Ambassador program to include partnerships with allied organizations

Strengthen programs for underrepresented students and professionals

Build Capacity

Provide resources and tools to support the work of APA members and key stakeholders

Require components of social equity, diversity, and inclusion in the AICP Certification Maintenance program

Facilitate information sharing among diversity committees and other APA members

Seek Partnerships

Partner with other nonprofits to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity goals

Be Responsive

Advocate for legislative priorities that address challenges and support efforts to create more just communities

Encourage discourse on national planning efforts that disproportionately affect marginalized groups