APA Diversity Task Force of Membership

Created in Spring 2005, the Diversity Task Force of the APA Membership Committee is charged with developing implementable ideas to increase the diversity of the membership. In addition, the subcommittee is responsible for providing insight into effective outreach strategies to diverse audiences.

Diversity Task Force


Angela D. Brooks, AICP

Task Force Members

Joseph Curtis, AICP
Jane Clough
Jennifer Erickson
Cherie Jzar, AICP
Jeremy McNeil
Deden Rukmana
Miguel Salinas
Libby Tyler, FAICP
Miguel Vazquez, AICP
Adrienne Zeigler


Contact the APA Diversity Task Force of Membership at diversity@planning.org.

Diversity Task Force Reports

The Diversity Task Force is working to re-ignite the APA Ambassadors Program. A series of pilot projects will be launched in 2015. Read the report to the APA Board of Directors.

Other Reports

Diversity Task Force of Membership Committee's 2007 Report (pdf)

APA Social Relevance Task Force (pdf)