Mentoring Program Re-launched

The Division is pleased to re-launch its mentoring program this year. Because the program will not be possible without strong support of volunteer mentors who will help guide younger planners through academic, professional and even personal challenges, we strongly urge your participation.

To sign up to mentor either a current student or a new planner (less than 5 years removed from schooling), please complete the mentor form. Please also take it upon yourself to encourage friends, colleagues and other members to complete the form.

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Vision for Broadway

Final Report: PBCD Technical Assistance for Gary, Indiana

The City of Gary is an urban center within the nation's "rust belt." Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Gary boasts many attractive features including miles of lakefront property, strong transportation infrastructure, striking architecture, and a large available workforce. The city's major transportation artery, Broadway, formerly was a symbol of Gary's strength. Presently, the street features the most obvious expressions of the city's decline. Anticipating a comeback, the City of Gary; GECH Empowerment Zone; and the Department of Minority Studies, Historic Midtown Project requested assistance to develop a community vision that would strike a balance between encouraging development while protecting the sense of place.

The technical assistance team, assembled by the Planning and the Black Community Division of American Planning Association, provided the fore mentioned groups with options to address arterial enhancements along a one-mile span of Broadway. The project identified strategies, including equitable development; smart growth; context sensitive design; and heritage preservation, that local officials could consider to facilitate development along the urban corridor while protecting the cultural heritage and cherished institutions which could be leveraged to create a "place-making dividend" for the city. The assistance educated participants about sustainable practices, presented development scenarios for the corridor, and shared techniques for equitable development that can be applied to ensure Gary's citizens have access to safe and healthy environments in which to live, work, and play.

PBCD Project Manager
Carlton Eley

Local Contacts
Dr. Earl R. Jones
Indiana University Northwest
Associate Professor of African American Studies Department of Minority Studies and School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Ben Clement
GECH Empowerment Zone
Economic Development and Marketing Administrator

Vision for Broadway (pdf)

Principles and Priorities for Rebuilding New Orleans

Joint Statement by Black Social Scientists*