Conference Grants for Student Groups

The ENRE Conference Grant is awarded annually to encourage student planners to work with their local and/or state chapters in making environmentally-themed contributions to their state or regional APA conferences. This grant is designed to encourage introduction of student creativity and enthusiasm about environmental issues into state and regional conferences. In addition it should foster cooperation between students and their state chapters, and help develop active professional participation in chapter activities.

ENRE will offer two $500 grants each year to eligible student groups.

2011 Winners

Congratulations to Melissa Garety, Rebbeca Whitestad and Sally Geislar of the UC-Irvine planning program. ENRE has awarded them a $500 grant to create a short film to educate and engage planners, agencies, and the community on the need for collaborative climate change mitigation planning — initially working with the National Park Service to further the goals of their Climate Change Response Strategy. The film and other visuals will be shown at the 2012 national APA conference in Los Angeles. 


Student Conference Grants will be awarded annually; next cycle will be announced in November 2012

Both graduate and undergraduate groups from accredited planning schools are eligible to submit a proposal for an ENRE grant. Eligible groups include:

  • APA-recognized Student Planning Organizations
  • An PAB-accredited planning program, class, or studio that develops a project under the guidance of an instructor
  • A group of three or more students from an accredited planning program who have organized for the purpose of developing a project and who have a faculty advisor
  • Consideration will be given to groups with Division members. If you're not yet a division member, join today.

Uses of Funding

Grant funds may be used for honoraria (for a speaker), art or exhibit supplies, expenses related to editing or production, transport of exhibit materials or other expenses necessary to producing the project at the conference.  A brief budget will be required to demonstrate how funds will be used.

Funding will require a grant award agreement to be signed by the organization chair or the group's faculty advisor. The project description and budget will be included in the agreement as the scope of work. Funded groups will be required to submit a one-to-two-page report describing the completed project which will be published in the ENRE newsletter.

Project Types

Projects eligible for funding under this grant emphasize themes underpinning ENRE's mission. Examples include:

  • Sponsoring an environmental speaker for a conference session
  • Developing an art, photography, or poster exhibit with a environmental theme
  • Organizing a session based on an environmentally-themed student group project
  • Creating a short video to be presented at the conference

Selection Process

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to mission of ENRE
  • Creativity
  • Efficiency of grant funding use


The grants will be offered once a year.