The goal of the International Planner Exchange Program is to provide a channel to allow professional U.S. and overseas planners to obtain an understanding and experience planning practice in each other's countries.

This program requires the participants to host planners from other countries, thereby keeping the costs affordable while at the same time providing a greater immersion with the host planners. Currently, the Exchange Program is restricted between the US and the United Kingdom.

Exchange Program application (pdf)

Liability Waiver (pdf)



Minimum Qualification
2 years of full time experience as a planning professional and must be fluent in English

Participants will stay at each other's residences. Participants are expected to make acceptable accommodations for exchange planners in their homes. It is expected that participants make reasonable accommodations for each other's dietary needs if any.

Minimum Length of exchange for both as a host and as participant
2 weeks
The length of stay can be longer if feasible for the participants involved.

Participants are expected to make their own travel arrangements and bear all costs.

Participants will obtain permissions from their employers to allow exchange planners to shadow them at work. It is expected that the exchange planners will be allowed to shadow the participant planners in a meaningful way such as attending public meetings, doing site visits etc.

Participants are expected to provide a one-page report at the end of the exchange highlighting key experiences and recommendations for improving the program.

U.S. participants are encouraged to make contacts with host country's planning organization(s) in order promote greater understanding and collaboration.

The role of APA is to provide a forum for making contact between American planners and planners from other countries.



For more information, contact Miroo Desai, AICP, at mdesai@emeryville.org.