Get Involved

The International Division is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with our programs.  Volunteering with the division is a great way to work with other planners from around the world, give back to the profession, and develop your leadership skills and professional network.

We currently have the following positions open:

Vice Chair At-large

This is an important position as a voting member of the International Division's executive committee. The vice chair at-large serves under the direction of the division chair, assisting with development of the division work plan, administering the student grant program, and helping the division chair with any other duties required. This position requires consistent dedication, but the time commitment varies throughout the year. Preparation of the work plan occurs in the fall and work on the student grant program and other duties is episodic. The vice chair at-large is expected to attend monthly executive committee Skype meetings and is encouraged to attend the APA National Conference.

Webpage Content Manager

The webpage content manager ensures that the division webpage is up to date by posting any material requested by division leadership and suggesting appropriate content and improvements to enhance communication with division members. The time commitment for this position is low, but a quick response to website change requests is required. No knowledge of html is necessary; APA staff takes care of all the technical details.

World Town Planning Day Online Conference Liaison

The WTPD Online Conference Liaison serves on the WTPD Online Conference organizing committee on behalf of the International Division. This is an important and rewarding position that will give you the opportunity to collaborate with planning professionals from around the world. You must have a degree of time flexibility in order to accommodate meetings that are scheduled for attendees from around the world. It is possible for the meetings to be very early in the morning or late at night. The committee convenes every year around February or March and run until mid-November. The workload starts off light and increases as the conference date approaches. This position presents a tremendous opportunity to be involved in a major division initiative and to get to know many international planners and projects.

If you are interested in filling any of these positions or have any questions about volunteering with the International Division, please contact Division Chair Tim Van Epp at