Report: Anatomy of a Swap Meet

The division has added a new resource to its website.

The Ephemeral Anatomy of the Starlite Swap Meet documents the workings of Starlite Swap Meet and comments on its relevance to contemporary urban planning and community development. The diagrams illustrate the swap meet’s many components and its relationship with adjacent and nearby and comparable entities have been created to communicate findings.

Occupying what otherwise would be a vacant lot the swap meet became a "place" upon the arrival of the people who occupy it on its weekends. It also came to house what can be considered a true shopping center, whose "retailer" variation and livelihood are perhaps nearly comparable to that of the brick and mortar establishments those in nearby neighborhoods. Despite only being occupied two days out of the week, the space sustains a strong following, and attracts many to its temporary "streets" and lively "public" sphere. It has continually retained such a large following that opposition from health and safety officials with legitimate and justifiable concerns, has been relatively easily overcome.

New LaP Networking Website!

The Latinos and Planning Division is pleased to announce the new networking website for all Division members. It provides a platform for forging and maintaining professional and personal connections amongst our membership. Features include a blog, online discussion forums, calendar of events, resources, and membership profiles.

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New Division Officers

The Division held its first election during fall 2008. Please join us in welcoming the following new officers:

Chair: Virginia "Vicky" Carrasco

Vice-Chair:  Michele Rodriguez, AICP

Treasurer: Esther Valle

Secretary: Fred Solis, AICP

Student Representative: Ricardo Aldama

We wish to thank Leo Vazquez, AICP, for leading the division since it was launched in 2006 as well as the many volunteers who served on the Steering Committee during that time. Leo will continue to serve on the Executive Committee as Past Chair. Other division volunteers are:

NING — Online Networking Website: Connery Cepeda

Website Editor: Natalie de Leon

Newsletter Editor: Elizabeth Delgado

Rutgers Listserv Contact: Leo Vazquez, AICP