Women and Transportation Planning: Understanding Gender Issues

In March 2014, we partnered with the Transportation Planning Division to host a lively discussion on the issues faced by women in mobility around the world. Our three planning experts discussed transportation finance, policy, and use through a gender lens: from the financial backbone of policy development, women in leadership roles and networks for women, to healthy & safe mobility by bike and on foot.

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Kit KellerKit Keller is the Executive Director of the Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals, promoting public policy that protects people-friendly streets. Kit previously collaborated with local businesses and government to orchestrate a successful new transit start-up, develop and fund shared use trails, and facilitated Safe Routes to School programs.

Lisa SchweitzerLisa Schweitzer is an Associate Professor at the USC Price School of Public Policy and a fellow of the Brookings Institute. Her research focuses on transportation, social justice, and the environment; and she is the author of the blog Urban Ethics and Theory. She holds a PhD in Urban Planning from UCLA.

Leslie WooLeslie Woo is the Vice President of Policy, Planning and Innovation at MetroLinx, the transportation planning authority for the Greater Toronto region. Leslie has worked as an architect in private practice, environmental advocacy for NGOs, and urban planning leadership roles in the public sector. She is the author of the SheBuildsCities blog.