Please contact Fiona Akins to express your interest in any of these positions.

Survey Team Task Force

Survey team members will develop new surveys over the summer and pre-test the survey instruments, the results of which will be shared in a webinar this fall/winter and at at APA15 in Seattle; as well as a Workplace Dynamics survey which will be run next year. If you are interested in being part of any of these activities, please contact Amanda Micklow.

Membership Director

The Director of Membership manages the Division's Membership Survey; welcomes new members to the Division; manages our membership roster; responds to membership queries; and advises the Board on membership demographics and trends. The Membership Director also manages an annual or biannual survey of membership.

Programs Committee (4)

The four-person Programs Committee helps the Board manage and host the Division's events and activities, such as webinars, the national conference session and facilitated discussion, Constituent Calls, and social meet-ups. Committee members may take the lead of running specific events, work with the Communications Director to manage advertising, or work with the Membership Director to facilitate event registration.

Communications Director

The Communications Director manages all of the Division's external communications. The Communications Director works closely with the Newsletter Editor(s) to support the publication of each bi-annual newsletter issue; provides guidance to the Social Media Committee to ensure message coordination;and manages the Division's eBlasts and social media teams. The Communications Director provides a liaison to the Board; works with the Newsletter Editor to ensure timeliness of publication, a manageable workload, and adequate support; and ensures that Division communications are consistently branded and appropriate to members.

Website Director

The Website Director helps to ensure our Division Website is current, relevant, easy to navigate, and fun to look at! This role works closely with all other Directors and Board members to ensure information on the Division's website is timely and transparent, and liaises with APA's technical support staff.

Newsletter Editor (2)

The Newsletter Editors manage the publication of our twice-a-year membership newsletter, PW Forward. The Newsletter Editor works with the Communications Director to determine a workable and timely schedule for publication, and with the Board to ensure adequate content and support is being provided in advance of each issue. Newsletters are published digitally and submitted to Division members by email and on our website. Check out the most recent issue of PW Forward!

Social Media Committee (4)

The four-person Social Media Committee works together to provide frequent, relevant posts to our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The Committee reports to the Board on user and posting statistics, topic trends and membership reach; and provides guidance on platform efficacy.

Mentorship Program Director

This position will lead the Division's mentorship program, which will be piloted in 2014. The program will pair women leaders in the planning field with more junior planners. The Director will work closely with the Board to structure, pilot, and launch this new program.

Special Projects Director (1) and Committee (4)

The Director position works with a Committee and manages projects that don't fit into the other categories. These include coordinating the Division's contribution to the Workplace Dynamics and Gender Lens and Planning surveys, and takes on projects that may arise during the year with scope for creative suggestions. These roles coordinate closely with the Programs Committee and with the Board.