The Return of the TPD Scavenger Hunt at NPC!

Many of you more seasoned members may recall when TPD would hold its Scavenger Hunt at the National Planning Conference. We are thrilled to be bringing it back this year, in New York City! The winner will get their TPD dues for one year, have the trophy to show off and, bragging rights for a year until New Orleans 2018. The winner will be announced in the June 2017 E-Blast.

Who's ready to win this!?! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

The rules are easy:

  1. Photos must have the TPD handle tagged and posted to all of the following social media platforms: Twitter: @APATPD; Instagram: @apatpd; Facebook Group; LinkedIn; and tag the National Conference #NPC17
  2. Each photo must also include the number/description (name of person(s) and/or handle) of person in each scavenger hunt item. Ex. "TPD Scavenger Hunt #3: Panel of TPD Sponsored Panel entitled: Autonomous Vehicles and You @APATPD #NPC17". Abbreviations accepted as necessary for character limit.
  3. Once you've completed taking and posting the photos of all the items on the Scavenger Hunt List, you must post a grid of all the photos and include the TPD handle, the National Conference hashtag #NPC17 and #IDIDTHETPDSCAVENGERHUNT2017
  4. Must be following and a member of the TPD social media platforms and groups for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat (yes, we're on Snapchat! Add us now! Username: tpd_apa; Snapchat! Code:
  5. Bonus Points: Post a video of you trying to capture the Scavenger Hunt items on the TPD Snapchat account: @TPD_APA

Scavenger Hunt List

#1 — Selfie with a current Executive Board member (Shelby Powell, Jamie Simchik, Larry Lennon, Daniel Haake, Vanessa Christiansen, Gabriela Juarez) doing something transportation-related

#2 — Selfie with a TPD Chapter Liaison doing something transportation-related

#3 — Selfie with a past TPD chair (Catherine Duffy, David Fields, Noel Comeaux, Whit Blanton, Larry Lennon — and Larry can't count twice for #1 and #3) doing something transportation-related

#4 — Selfie with a TPD Spotlighted Member doing something transportation-related (Robert Brown, Keri (Tyler) Isaac, Amy Ford-Wagner, Bradley Strader, Dan Haake (can't count twice for #1), Abigail Zenner, Nathan George, David Watson)

#5 — Selfie traveling to National

#6 — Selfie doing something transportation related during the conference (can't use selfies from others on the list)

#7 — Photo of the panel of TPD-sponsored sessions; Bonus points with the entire panel and you (must list panelists names in caption)

#8 — Selfie during mobile workshop with workshop leader(s) including selfies on each mode (caption must list workshop leader and mode)

#9 — Selfie with a student member of the Division (if student, picture with a full time member) (both must post selfie according to the rules)

Bonus point(s): Photo(s) with something transportation related you'd like to see a CM-session or NPC session focus on (caption includes description and hashtag: #TPDNPCFutureSession). One bonus point for each photo. Bonus points cannot replace Items 1-9 on the Scavenger Hunt List, they are in addition to the required 9 items.