Domestic Policy Watch

These articles by APA Executive Director and CEO Paul Farmer, FAICP, examine the federal domestic agenda. APA's adopted policies may be found at The purpose of this series is to add to the discourse about issues of great importance.

These are not partisan issues. Rather, they are fundamental issues that will influence our communities for decades.

Members are welcome to read past issues of Domestic Policy Watch.


November 2012

Lessons from the Election


September 2011

The Stakes Are High in Washington


March 2010

The Count Counts

September 2010

Planning Fares Well in Washington


January 2009

A Stimulating Beginning

September 2009

'High Noon' in Washington

May 2009

A New Start at HUD

November 2009

Values Voting


January 2008

Planners Eye the States' Big Three

July 2008

Drilling Won't Solve America's Energy Problem

March 2008

Needed: A New Plan for New Times

August 2008

It's Time to Act on Infrastructure

May 2008

Why Planners Care About the Housing Crisis


January 2007

New Year's Resolutions for the New Congress

July 2007

Congress Takes First Steps Toward Energy Independence

February 2007

Staying the Course on the Budget

August 2007

Let's Make Our Case to Congress

March 2007

Wanted: An Infrastructure Policy that Holds Water

October 2007

A Win for Planning in Mat-Su Borough

April 2007

High Court Spurs Efforts to Combat Global Warming

November 2007

Election Results Show What Voters Really Value

May 2007

The Farm Bill Is Not Just for Farmers

December 2007

2007: The Good, the Bad, and the Mixed

June 2007

Moving Forward on Affordable Housing


February 2006

Now You See It, Now You Don't

September 2006

A Year After Katrina, Still a Long Way to Go

March 2006

Stand Up for Property Fairness

October 2006

House Leadership Advocates Federal Takeover of Local Land-Use Decisions

May 2006

Fixing America's Infrastructure Is No Day at the Beach

November 2006

Lessons from a Consequential Election

July 2006

Slipping Takings Through the Back Door

December 2006

States Offer Hope of a Happy New Year for Planning

August 2006

HOPE for Federal Housing Policy?


January 2005

Ominous Omnibus: Long-Term Domestic Agenda in Jeopardy

July 2005

Redevelopment Done Right

February 2005

The President's Budget and a Call to Action

August 2005

A Member's Guide to APA's Policy and Advocacy Programs

March 2005

Welcome to Oregon 2005

September 2005

SAFETEA-LU and the Road Ahead

April 2005

Let's Expand, Not Contract, Americans' Transportation Choices

October 2005

APA Advises Congress on Rebuilding New Orleans

June 2005

Putting First Suburbs First

December 2005

Warning: Enter at Your Own Risk


February 2004

The Anti-Community Budget

August/September 2004

Protecting America's Parks

March 2004

How to Pass a Surface Transportation Bill

October 2004

Take Action — Vote!

April 2004

Affordable Housing Crisis: The "Silent Killer"

November 2004

Ballot Box Victories for Transit and Conservation ... and a Big Loss

May 2004

Saving America's Cities and Metropolitan Areas

December 2004

Planning for Safe Growth: APA's Safe Growth America Initiative

July 2004

Planning Better Energy Policy