Planning Educators

APA is the place for planning research and opportunities to enhance your classes and projects.

Research at APA

Since 1949, APA's program of applied research has resulted in practical, up-to-date information about best practices in urban and regional planning in the U.S. APA welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with organizations that have similar or complementary interests.

Research in the Planning World

The Journal of the American Planning Association is the best way to keep up-to-date on the latest planning research and to share your own research.

APA's Planners Press

Find the latest and greatest texts for your classes from APA.

National Conference

Hear from your peers as they present planning research and interact with practicing planners from around the country. Get your students involved and attend as a group.

Planning Advisory Service

Academics can get the answers they need about any planning issue of interest to them or their students with APA's Planning Advisory Service.