Emerging Professionals

A wide variety of resources for planners new to the profession.

Training for New Professionals

What do you need to know on the job that wasn’t taught in planning school? APA has a number of products that will help get you up to speed and impress your employer. Ask for professional development funds to help cover the cost.

Streaming Education

The list is always growing. Visit the APA Store to find a comprehensive library of streaming products and books of special interest to emerging professionals.

APA Membership

Membership for emerging professionals is a great way to get involved with APA. Students can join APA's Early Career Membership Program and enjoy five years of discounted dues and prices on products and services. 

Were you an APA student member at one time? Contact us to see if you are eligible to rejoin the Early Career Membership Program for the remainder of the five years.

A Conference for Emerging Professionals

Planners new to the profession can find the skill-building training and cutting-edge information they need at APA's National Planning Conference. Build your schedule with the right mix of programs, training workshops, and sessions for emerging professionals.

Members-Only Resources

Members of APA may find these articles for emerging professionals interesting and helpful.

Other Resources

When you're just starting out, a little help can go a long way. Take a look at some helpful resources that APA offers to emerging professionals.