Planning Education and Education Policy

Education is important for planners throughout their career. Get started with the right planning school and find out about continuing education for planners.

What Is Planning?
Becoming a Planner

Find out what it means to be a planner and what it takes to be a professional planner.

Planning Schools

Most planners attend school for a degree in planning. Explore the degrees available, what schools teach planning, how to find the right program for you, and the scholarships available to students in planning programs.

Consult the Guide to Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Planning from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning.


APA maintains a list of scholarships available to planning students.

Youth Education

Planners play an active role in working with young people to build their awareness and appreciation for planning.

Citizen Education

Keep your local community members informed and up-to-date on the planning process with these resources.

Training for Planners

Planners can attend a wide range of in-person training opportunities, ranging from lectures to multi-day conferences. E-Learning options are also available for planners without a travel budget.

Certification and Licensing

Explore the importance of certification in the planning field and how licensing differs from certification. Find out more about Certification Maintenance, the mandatory continuing education program for AICP planners. 

Planning Commissioner Education

Planning commissioner members are part of a national network of officials, planners, advocates, and students that is working to make great communities. There is a rich array of services, products, and programs for planning commissioners.

APA's Education Committee

APA formed an Education Committee from representatives of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning and the Planning Accreditation Board. This committee explores the role and content of education for planners. Several summits took place to discuss APA's education program.