Planning Schools

Most planners attend school for a degree in planning. Explore the degrees available, what schools teach planning, how to find the right program for you, and the scholarships available to students in planning programs.

Planning Degrees

Planning is a dynamic profession that requires mastery of a core body of knowledge through formal education and experience. Find out about the degrees awarded in the field and which schools offer degrees.

Planning Schools and Accreditation

Education is vital for planners to succeed. Standards are necessary to provide consistency in planners' education. A planner's education is begun in planning school, but extends to work experience and AICP certification.

Consult the Guide to Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Urban and Regional Planning from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning.

10 Tips for Selecting a Planning Program

Looking for the planning degree program that's right for you? Use these tips to guide your decision process.

Scholarships for Students

Find out what kinds of scholarships are available for your planning education.