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A Street Through Time

Discussing planning books with your peers is a great way to grow professionally and stay up to date on the latest issues affecting the field.

A Street Through Time by Anne Millard demonstrates the unfolding of history and development. Visit a site every few centuries and follow the evolution of a Stone Age riverside settlement into a 20th century city.

Suggested Discussion Questions

  • Did Stone Age people live in towns or villages? Why did the villages move from season to season?
  • What changed as people became farmers? These early farmers lived in the area now known as England and built stone circles to honor the gods. How does this compare with how people worship God today?
  • If the Romans used stone to build their towns, how would stone building materials change the town? For example, consider color, appearance, size, and shape.
  • How did the Vikings move from place to place? What were Vikings looking for?
  • In the Medieval Village what entertainment did boys have?
  • In the Medieval Village can you find the Guildhall? Can you find the explanation of what a Guildhall is? Does anyone in your family belong to an association or a union? Associations and unions developed from the Guild system.
  • In Age of Elegance, how did well-to-do people entertain themselves? What kinds of building materials were used for buildings?
  • During Grim Times how has industry affected the town? Do you know why the air we breathe today is cleaner?
  • In the From Town to City pages, count the number of kinds of transportation. Start with the boat in the river. Can you find any examples of children's entertainment?
  • In The Street Today, how many different kinds of activity are taking place in the building above the rowboat? What are some of the newer kinds of houses (or housing) that people live today that did not exist in earlier times?

More about A Street Through Time

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