APA Planning Student Organizations

The student organizations registered as APA PSOs appear in the list below along with their official APA Student Representatives Council (SRC) Student Representative and Faculty Advisor.

PSOs must register with APA on an annual basis.

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What are the benefits of being an APA PSO?

  • They are eligible to enter the SRC Outstanding PSO Awards Program. Winning PSOs will be recognized during the APA/AICP Meeting/Awards Ceremony during the national conference and receive a cash award sponsored by APA divisions.
  • The Student Representative participates in selecting the SRC Chair and on changes in student governance.
  • They get up-to-date information and reminders from APA about events and deadlines.

Please send inquiries to Students@planning.org.


Alabama A&M University
Student Representative: Adriauna Davis
Faculty Adviser: Constance Wilson

University of Alabama
SRC Representative, Jeffrey English
Faculty Adviser: Seth Appiah-Opoku


Arizona State University
SRC Representative: Bryan Smith
Faculty Adviser: Meagan Ehlenz AICP

University of Arizona
Student Representative: Domenic Martinelli
Faculty Adviser: Lauri Johnson


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Student Representative: Jesus Navidad
Faculty Adviser: Richard Willson, FAIC

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Student Representative: Hannah Kornfeld
Faculty Adviser: William Riggs, AICP

California State University, Northridge
Student Representative: Marisol Zamar
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Craig Olwert

San Jose State University
Student Representative: Mariaclara Zazzaro
Faculty Adviser: Richard Kos, AICP

University of California at Berkeley
Student Representative: Carline Au
Faculty Adviser: Karen Chapple

University of California at Irvine
Student Representative: Nicholas Chen
Faculty Advisers: Victoria Basolo

University of California at Los Angeles
Student Representative: Andri Tai-Ward
Faculty Advisers: Evelyn Blumenberg

University of California at Santa Barbara
Student Representative: Vivon Crawford
Faculty Adviser: Paul Wack, AICP

University of Southern California

Student Representative: Fred Chang
Faculty Adviser: Michael Thom

University of Southern California (ASPD)
Student Representative: James Hamilton
Faculty Adviser: Tridib Banerjee


University of Colorado at Denver (Graduate)
Student Representative: Elyse Dinnocenzo
Faculty Adviser: Ken Schroeppel

District of Columbia

George Washington University
Student Representative: Riley Abbott
Faculty Adviser: Andrew Bernish


Florida Atlantic University
Student Representative: Nicole Galehouse
Faculty Adviser: Jesse Saginor

Florida Gulf Coast University
Student Representative: Vitor Suguri
Faculty Adviser: Margaret Banyan

Florida State University
Student Representative: Nathan Hicks
Faculty Adviser: Timothy Chapin

University of Central Florida
Student Representative: David McMahan
Faculty Adviser: Owen Beitsch FAICP

University of Florida
Student Representative: Natalia Neira
Faculty Adviser: Ruth Steiner

University of South Florida  
Student Representative: Steven Benson
Faculty Adviser: Elizabeth Strom


Georgia Institute of Technology
Student Representative: Shelley Price
Faculty Adviser: Michael Elliott

University of Georgia
Student Representative: Matthew Nahrstedt
Faculty Adviser: Stephen Ramos


University of Hawaii at Manoa
Student Representative: Wyatt Gordon
Faculty Adviser: Karen Umemoto


University of Idaho
Student Representative: Kenzie Payne
Faculty Adviser: Tamara Laninga, AICP


University of Illinois – Chicago
Student representative: Melissa Schramm
Faculty advisor: Curtis Winkle

University of Illinois–Urbana/Champaign
Student Representative: William Lyman
Faculty Adviser: Alice Novak


Ball State University
Student Representative: Ibrahim Galeza
Faculty Adviser: Nihal Perera


Iowa State University
Student Representative: Sven Peterson
Faculty Adviser: Douglas Johnston

University of Iowa
Student Representative: Ben Curtis
Faculty Adviser: John Fuller, AICP


Kansas State University
Student Representative: Eric Connor
Faculty Adviser: Huston Gibson

University of Kansas
Student Representative: Taylor Plummer
Faculty Adviser: Stacey White


University of New Orleans
Student Representative: Nicolas Puczkowskyj
Faculty Adviser: Marla K. Nelson, AICP


Morgan State University
Student Representative: Wendy McGee-Preti
Faculty Adviser: Tonya Sanders

University of Maryland
Student Representative: Angela Martinez
Faculty Adviser: Alex Chen


Harvard University
Student Representative: Paige Peltzer
Faculty Adviser: Ann Forsyth

Tufts University
Student Representative: Lun Yan Tom
Faculty Adviser: Justin Hollander, AICP

University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Student Representative: Sean O'Donnell
Faculty Adviser: Mark Hamin


Wayne State University
Student Representative: Jason Lindy
Faculty Adviser: Rayman Mohamed

Western Michigan Universtiy
Student Representative: Thomas Bonnivier
Faculty Adviser: Scott Smith

University of Michigan
Student Representative: Rachel Jaffe
Faculty Adviser: Robert Goodspeed


University of Minnesota - Minneapolis
Student Representative: Darin Newman
Faculty Adviser: Ryan Allen


Jackson State University
Student Representative: Mark Jenkins
Faculty Adviser: Joan Wesley


Saint Louis University
Student Representative: Gary Newcomer
Faculty Adviser: Sarah Coffin, AICP

New Jersey

Rutgers, The State University of NJ
Student Representative: Whitney Miller
Faculty Adviser: Stuart Meck

New Mexico

University of New Mexico
Student Representative: Jaime Jaramillo
Faculty Adviser: Liz Stiletti

New York

Binghamton University
Student Representative: Katie Shepard
Faculty Adviser: Jennifer Yonkoski

Columbia University
Student Representative: Da'Quallon D. Smith and Matthew Do
Faculty Adviser: Trisha Logan and Leigh Brown

Cornell University
Student Representative: Brian Byrd
Faculty Adviser: Stephan Schmidt

New York University
Student Representatives: Alisha Beatty and Jacqueline Li
Faculty Adviser: Ingrid Gould Ellen

Pratt Institute
Student Representative: Reanna Tong
Faculty Adviser: Mercedes Narciso

University at Albany
Student Representative: Kerry O'Connor
Faculty Adviser: David Lewis

University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Student Representatives: Christine Krolewicz and Christina Farrell
Faculty Adviser: Alfred Price

North Carolina

East Carolina University
Student Representative: Gilbert Combs
Faculty Adviser: Wesley Townsend

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Student Representative: Emma Schropp
Faculty Adviser: Roberto Quercia


Cleveland State University
Student Representative: Kenneth Kalynchuk
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Rosie Tighe

Ohio State University
Student Representative: Chloe Greene
Faculty Adviser: Maria Conroy

University of Cincinnati
Student Representative: Steven Bevan
Faculty Adviser: Mahyar Arefi


University of Oklahoma
Student Representative: Danielle Barker
Faculty Adviser: Charles Warnken, AICP


Portland State University
Student Representatives: Drew DeVitis and David Backes
Faculty Adviser: Greg Schrock

University of Oregon
Student Representative: Rodney Bohner
Faculty Adviser: Rich Margerum


Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Student Representative: Olivia Holden
Faculty Adviser: Whit (Dey) Watt

South Carolina

Clemson University
Student Representative: Grant Sparks
Faculty Adviser: Cliff Ellis


Texas A&M University
Student Representative: Scott Perkes
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Yu Xiao, AICP

Texas Southern University
Student Representative: Walter Council II
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Quisheng Pan

Texas State University  
Student Representative: Doran William Bishop
Faculty Adviser: Mark Carter

University of Texas at Arlington
Student Representative: Ahoura Zandiatashbar
Faculty Adviser: Ardeshir Anjomani

University of Texas at Austin
Student Representative: Allison Riemer
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Michael Oden

University of Texas at San Antonio
Student Representative: Krystin Ramirez
Faculty Adviser: Dr. Rebecca Walter


University of Virginia
Student Representative: John (Michael) Harbin
Faculty Adviser: Timothy Beatley


Eastern Washington University
Student Representative: Genevieve Dial
Faculty Adviser: Dick G. Winchell, FAICP

University of Washington — Seattle
Student Representative: Abby Weber
Faculty Adviser: Branden Born


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Student Representative: Lydia Statz
Faculty Adviser: Sam White


University of British Columbia
Student Representative: George Benson
Faculty Adviser: Penny Gurstein