Planning for Sustainability

Alabama Association of Regional Councils


Tuesday, October 20, 2009
11 a.m. - noon CDT

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In these uncertain economic times, most everyone is becoming more interested in sustainable development, and much has been accomplished regarding green building techniques. Sustainable city planning and governance is widely talked about by those in the city planning and management professions. However, in between all this, relatively little has been done to pull together concepts and techniques that Alabama’s city, county and regional agency staff and officials may apply to their own unique situations. How, for example, might we plan in ways that could help balance and sustain our state’s diverse environmental and cultural systems over time? Clearly, this is a time for effective planning and good community and environmental design. This presentation will demonstrate how to cope with these issues and more – planning processes and techniques that may be used by public officials and staffs faced with conflicts between development pressures and the quality of life, tempered by what’s going on across Alabama and the country to raise the standard for effective community planning.