Crime and Urban Planning: Building Socially Sustainable Communities

APA Arkansas Chapter


Friday, September 6, 2013
8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. CDT

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While planners, architects, and developers are increasingly concerned with sustainability issues and the environmental impact of development on a city, a large piece of the sustainable design equation has been ignored, that of social sustainability. Sustainability includes more than just environmentally sustainable building practices but includes social sustainability factors such as crime victimization, fear of crime, livability and community well being. While issues such as safe design and crime opportunity mitigation are vitally important to effective neighborhood planning, research has shown that few urban planners are familiar with these concepts and even fewer are capable of assessing design proposals for their impact on neighborhood crime levels. This session hopes to bridge this gap by first providing a discussion of the importance of considering crime in creating sustainable communities and the impacts of planning decisions on neighborhood crime levels. Following this initial discussion, this session will provide planners with practical guidance on how to effectively build crime prevention concepts into everyday planning as well how crime prevention can be integrated into smart growth, form based codes and other planning theories.


Derek Paulson

Confirmed Speaker

Derek J. Paulsen, PhD is the first Commissioner of Planning, Preservation and Development for the city of Lexington where he oversees the divisions of Planning, Engineering, Building Inspection, Code enforcement, Historic Preservation, and Purchase of Development Rights. Prior to becoming Commissioner Paulsen spent the previous decade as a Professor at ... Read More