Strong Town Workshop Session II: Understanding Transportation and Mobility

APA Arkansas Chapter


Thursday, April 3, 2014
10:45 a.m. - noon CDT

CM | 1.25

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Overview: Investments in transportation have long been synonymous with economic growth and job creation. While this was often the case in the early days of highway building, that correlation is no longer guaranteed, especially at the local level. With road maintenance liabilities overwhelming federal, state and local budgets, a more strategic approach is needed. By understanding the difference between a road and a street, local governments can spend less money and attain better results, improving their financial health. Topics Covered: A brief history of highway engineering, particularly as it applies to construction of local projects; An introduction to the concept of a stroad, a street/road hybrid, and why a stroad is expensive to build, unsafe to use and financially low yielding; How to build high performance roads; How to build streets that create significant financial value for a community; An understanding of congestion and how it signals different things for roads and streets; How cities can respond to congestion on a limited budget; Understanding how the concept of a “Complete Street” fits into a financially productive road/street strategy. Learning Objectives: Be able to identify a stroad; Be able to implement strategies to convert a stroad environment into either a high performance road or a financially productive street; Understand how to deploy limited public resources for the greatest benefit; Have a context for consideration of “Complete Street” design approaches.