Shishmaref Relocation Site Feasibility Study

APA Alaska Chapter


Monday, November 17, 2014
4 p.m. - 5 p.m. AKST

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Shishmaref is a highly threatened Alaskan coastal community that is increasingly impacted by hurricane force winds and ravaging sea storm surges. Several communities have been pursuing complete or partial relocation with varying degrees of success. Relocation depends finding suitable and sustainable relocation sites, and the ability to relocate existing or new infrastructure to replace aging facilities while keeping relocation costs down. The community has close ties to the Arctic climate and ecosystem. Shishmaref’s close proximity to the sea, and its unique cultural, social, and economic relationship with land and marine natural resources form the foundation of community life. Additionally, the community is particularly vulnerable to many current and future natural hazards. The project entails evaluating previously and newly identified alternative sites to explain their relative advantages and disadvantages as well as fulfill identified physical, social and cultural criteria. This feasibility study will serve as the basis for identifying and determining the most viable relocation sites. The session will describe the process for conducting data, Identify information development for public review, understanding, dissemination, and decision making, and explain the final report’s potential contents to educate the client concerning prior site assessments, provides comparative analysis, provides a solid basis for community and stakeholder decision makers