Tucson's Urban Revival Through Craft Beer and Local Distilleries

APA Arizona Chapter


Thursday, November 5, 2015
1:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. MST

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Description: Experience first-hand the breweries and 


distilleries that are transforming Tucson, and learn about the


zoning, compliance and regulation required to open and


operate a brewery/distillery in Arizona. To see how a small


business can transform a neighborhood, just follow the barrels.


The arrival of a craft brewery is also often one of the first signs


that a neighborhood is revitalizing. As breweries churned out


beer, they drew visitors and eventually new, young residents


– and more small businesses. In 2011 Tucson was home to


3 craft brewers: Barrio, Nimbus and Thunder Canyon. From


2012-2014 several new breweries opened in and around


downtown: Borderlands, Dragoon, Ten Fifty-Five, Sentinel


Peak, 1702, Pueblo Vida, and Iron John’s. Tucson has become


a Beer Town. On top of that, there are several new distilleries


opening and operating around downtown (Independent


Distillers and Hamilton Distilleries), further complementing the


synergy created by the breweries and new development. Stops


to include: Borderlands, Pueblo Vida and the Independent





Presenters: Camila Bekat, City of Tucson Economic Development






Specialist; Rob Fullmer, Executive Director of the Arizona Craft


Brewer’s Guild; Jim Glock, Acting President of the Warehouse Arts


Management Organization (WAMO)



Hillary Turby