Road Diets – Reducing Traffic Lanes for Safety for all

APA Arizona Chapter


Friday, November 6, 2015
10:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. MST

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Take-Away: City of Tucson will share its experience in reducing





travel lanes to better accommodate bicycling and walking, and


to improve safety.




Description: Planning for roads has shifted from the





auto-dominated philosophy of moving the most number


of cars quickly, to one where safety and quality of life are


the key tenets. The City of Tucson Department of Transportation


(TDOT) has been changing roadway designs to better


accommodate bicycling and walking, and to improve safety


for all roadway users. TDOT has narrowed travel lanes or


reduced the number of travel lanes on more than 15 roadways.


Speakers will discuss some of the projects and share photos,


data, anecdotes and even an aerial video of one of the recent






Moderator: Gabe Thum, M.S. Civil Engineering, Pima Association






of Governments

Presenters: Ann Chanecka, Bicycle and Pedestrian Program






Manager, City of Tucson DOT Planning; Diahn Swartz, Project


Manager, City of Tucson DOT Traffic Engineering



Gabe Thum

Senior Transportation Planner,Pima Association of Governments, Tucson, Arizona Read More