Juneau Economic Plan: Getting 30,000 People Headed in the Same Direction

APA Alaska Chapter


Monday, November 16, 2015, 1:45 p.m.
Monday, November 16, 2015, 3:15 p.m. AKST

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How does Juneau define economic opportunity and success? There is no shortage of ideas about what to do to grow the Juneau economy – which are realistic and how should priorities be identified? How can a city measure its return on investment? Whose job is it to make things happen? How do you get a diverse community on the same page? The process to develop the new Juneau Economic Plan "worked" all these issues.

As part of this process, the citizens of Juneau said their desired economic future is:

A vibrant, diversified, and stable economy built around a business climate that encourages entrepreneurship, investment, innovation, and job creation; and supports the environmental, cultural, and social values that make Juneau a great place to live and enjoyable place to visit.

This "triple bottom line" approach is the heart of resiliency and sustainability, and it is woven throughout this community economic plan.

This session will focus on the McDowell Group/Sheinberg Associates consultant team and the Juneau community’s: a) process and tools, b) current principles and approaches to community economic development planning, and c) outcomes for the Capital City’s new Economic Development Plan.



Barbara Sheinberg, AICP

Confirmed Speaker

Barbara Sheinberg, AICP, is principal at Sheinberg Associates, a community and strategic planning, research, and public engagement firm in business since 1989. Barbara’s specialty is listening carefully to the community and client’s goals, needs, and local customs, then designing a process to achieve success. She likes plans and ... Read More

Sarah Bronstein

Confirmed Speaker

Sarah Bronstein is a Community Planner with Sheinberg Associates, a planning and research firm in Juneau, Alaska. After completing her Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at Portland State University, Sarah worked in natural hazard planning on the Oregon Coast, and as a city planner for the City and Borough ... Read More