Modern Stormwater Treatment in Anchorage through Green Infrastructure andn Low Impact Development

APA Alaska Chapter


Tuesday, November 17, 2015
9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. AKST

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The MOA has recently updated its stormwater design criteria manual to require the use of Low Impact Development stormwater treatment where practical. The multi-year process is ongoing and was an exercise in patience and conflict resolution as much as developing sound engineering practices.

The session will be a moderated discussion with 3 panelists: Kristi Bischofberger, MOA Watershed Management Services Director; Jeff Urbanus, Watershed Hydrologist; and Janie Dusel, P.E., Principal at Alaska Water Resources. All three were heavily involved in developing and implementing the Design Criteria Manual, and had the difficult task of convincing seasoned engineers and the established development community that Green Infrastructure can be viable and effective in a winter city. Questions will also include administration of the MOA MS4 permit and some notably successful GI projects.


The intent of this session is to use the MOA’s experience in gaining buy-in from the design and development community as a case study for other urban areas when they are implementing their own LID projects. LID can be incorporated locally into site civil designs and regionally at a larger scale in natural settings, but there are challenges and considerations that may not be readily apparent. This session will help city planners who want to incorporate LID in their community but may have limited experience with its appropriate application. There are numerous examples of dysfunctional LID projects that are poorly designed and conceived; this session will help to avoid those situations.



Joe Miller

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In 2009, before the ink dried on Joe Miller’s Ph.D., he joined the Fire Tower team, where he would continue his groundbreaking work on keyed beams. Joe’s interest in timber framing grew from a project he took on with his father, rebuilding an ancestral barn in southern ... Read More