The Federal Role: FAA and the Planning Process

Airport Consultants Council


Tuesday, December 15, 2015
10:30 a.m. - noon EST

CM | 1.50

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The FAA Office of Airports—as well as other FAA lines of business—have critical roles to play in airport planning and development processes, starting with their role in funding many of the airport planning and environmental review processes that take place in the US. In this session, learn more about these roles as well as tips for how you can work more effectively with the FAA at both the local and headquarters level to move your plans forward.


Rob Adams

Invited Speaker

Rob Adams, a Vice President at Landrum & Brown, has over 15 years of airport environmental planning experience. He is the firm’s Environmental Division Leader and serves as project manager for airport environmental and noise studies. Rob has served as the Project Manager for over 20 Environmental Assessments, three Environmental ... Read More