Coral Reefs and Climate Change - Mobile Tour

APA Florida, Gold Coast Section


Tuesday, December 1, 2015
9 a.m. - noon EST

CM | 3

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This field trip will highlight the impacts of climate Changes on coral reefs. This mobile tour consists of a 45 minute round-trip bus ride, a 45 boat tour, and snorkeling. The bus ride will provide background information and an opportunity for questions and answers.  The boat tour to the reef will be narrated the South FL Conservation Director for The Nature Conservancy, a marine scientist, and FL Keys National Marine Sanctuary staff.  The boat tour will focus on FL Keys marine ecosystem with emphasis on coral reefs, ecosystem-dependent industries and recreation, threats to reef health with emphasis on climate change (i.e., water temperature increase, ocean acidification and sea level rise) as well as land based sources of pollution and coastal development, and conservation efforts. The snorkeling component will take place in a Sanctuary marine reserve where participants will see coral bleaching and coral diseases linked to climate change, marine life and Sanctuary management approaches.