Opening Plenary Session

APA California Chapter, Sacramento Valley Section


Saturday, February 27, 2016
8:45 a.m. - 9:45 a.m. PST

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The plenary session will set the stage for the day’s discussion.  Our panels this year are covering three topical tracks: land use, water, and CEQA. Within each of the tracks, three common themes are interwoven: policy, climate, and equity.  Attendees will preview how these themes interrelate and overlap for further exploration throughout today’s panels.


Douglas Carstens

Confirmed Speaker

Prior to attending law school, he served for five years as an officer in the Navy. During law school, Doug was awarded a Joseph Drown Foundation Fellowship to work at the Lands Section of the California Attorney General’s office, and worked as a legal clerk at a business and ... Read More

Kate White

Confirmed Speaker

In September 2013, Governor Brown appointed Kate White as Deputy Secretary of Environmental Policy and Housing Coordination. Prior to joining the Agency, Kate spent two decades in the sustainable development field, including as Initiative Officer at The San Francisco Foundation’s Great Communities Collaborative, Executive Director of the Urban Land ... Read More

Susan Brandt-Hawley

Confirmed Speaker

Susan Brandt-Hawley represents public-interest groups in preservation issues statewide. Her cases have contributed to precedent in the six districts of the Court of Appeal and in the California Supreme Court. She received the 2001 CLAY award (California Lawyer of the Year) in environmental law from California Lawyer magazine and was ... Read More

Antonio Rossmann

Confirmed Speaker

Antonio Rossmann has served in the past 40 years as counsel in some of California’s and the American West’s leading water and land-use proceedings, including the Owens Valley groundwater war, the validation of county authority to regulate groundwater, and protection of groundwater regulation against constitutional attacks. In 2010 ... Read More