Session II: Case Study 2: South Bronx

APA New York Metro Chapter


Friday, June 3, 2016
1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT

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The South Bronx provides an important lesson tracing

the arc of urban transformation in New York City. An

innovative community-based planning process in the

1990’s helped transform an underserved community

to today’s dynamic district. This Bronx Center

planning process was initiated by the Bronx Borough

President in partnership with an unprecedented

coalition including local and citywide not-for-profit

organizations, pro-bono planning professionals and

local residents laid the groundwork for future

population growth and economic development. The

community formed Nos Quedamos (We Stay) to

engage with the City of New York as equal partners in

the planning of what would become Melrose

Commons, certified as the first LEED for

Neighborhood Development project in New York City.

The Bronx Center was selected as a Best Practice

prototype for Human Settlements by United Nations-
Habitat. With the city-wide housing development

boom underway, the South Bronx has emerged as a

focus for new affordable and market-rate housing,

with the opportunity for current residents to share

the benefits a vibrant mixed-income neighborhood.

The session will draw from this rich history to

describe the arc of community building into the next

decade of the 21st century.

Learning Objectives for Moderated Discussion:

1. Participants will learn how major New York

City planning projects leverage community

involvement in the design process to improve

outcomes and foster social equity.

2. Participants will learn the fundamental

benefits of community engagement as they

are applied to the public design process.

3. Explore tools and resources available to

public urban design stakeholders including,

communities, user groups, government

agencies, professionals, technical experts,

and practitioners.


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