Investigate the Development of Entrepreneurial Innovation Space in Zhongguancun

APA International Division


Friday, July 1, 2016
1 p.m. - 5 p.m. CDT

CM | 4

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Zhongguancun is located in Haidian District, Beijing, which is the first state-level high-tech Industrial Development Zone and the first national independent innovation demonstration zone in China. It is known as "China's Silicon Valley". It is also the most intensive area filled with science intelligence and human resources in China, which has many colleges and universities, science and Technology Park.

Inno Way

“Inno Way ” is located in the core area of Western Zhongguancun, which not only focuses on constructing the agglomeration zone of business service, the birthplace of science and technology enterprises, the cultural Mecca of Entrepreneurs, but also creates an innovation and entrepreneurship landscape avenue. It also attracts and cultivates a number of world- class business incubator services, committed to creating the world famous Inno Way.

Baijia education and OFO

Baijia education company and OFO are two of the most representative Internet business started by Peking University students, located in Zhongguancun. Baijia education provides online autonomous enrolment for the university entrance exam education for students with rich experience. Having been set up for only 16 months, this company has obtained ten million investment from will hunting capital and Shenzhen Qianhai Lexin three Investment management co., LTD. OFO is an Internet company which is focused on the bicycle. It firstly applies the sharing idea to campus bicycles, and serves their users conveniently and quickly in the way of precise and intelligence. OFO has already obtained millions of capital investment from will hunting capital so far.


(1)   Departure at 13:00PM: Visit “Inno Way”and experience the sense of science and technology, display degree, fashion sense and business atmosphere in the pedestrian street. Then continue inspecting Zhongguancun area, taking a closer look at "China's silicon valley". 

(2)   14:30PM: Visit Baijia education company, know more about the entrepreneurial motivation and business model of the education company, and experience their focused and innovative way of education.

(3)   16:00PM: Visit OFO, understand the concept of campus bicycle sharing ideas and future planning, and experience the model of web startups.

About the Training

The main objectives of the tour and the training are:

1. To help understand the innovation driven urbanization, and examine what is the role of urban planning in this process. Now China is building an innovation-driven country by using innovative concepts, growing new economy and fostering new growth. The trainee may examine how Zhongguancun can change from an electronic street in the 1980s to today's high-tech innovation center, and what revelation of industrial upgrading and industrial cluster it bought to us.

2. To help understand how it changes from a book city to today’s “Inno Way” by examining the upgrading of the existing space resources.

3. To investigate what planning can do in this Internet age, and how the government, the public and enterprises should participate in the planning process.


Anticipated results

1.     A better understanding of the planning process of the urban Science and Technology Park.

2.     A clear and deep comprehension acquired by each trainee on "China's Silicon Valley" during the era of innovation driven urbanization process and associated challenges.