Woodlands Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

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Friday, November 4, 2016
10:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. CDT

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 As part of The Woodlands Township's original master plan, an extensive forested pathway network was devised that currently provides access from individual neighborhoods to schools, places of worship, and shopping centers.  The pathway system provides a meandering route through the trees that is used by people of all ages and abilities.  Over time, however, The Woodlands residents have expressed a need to comprehensively address the overall safety for walkers, runners and bikers, and a desire to address gaps within the existing pathway network as well as explore more direct connections to destinations via on-street or off-street recommendations. The Woodlands Township decided that the creation of a Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan would be the first step towards making the community a safer and more connected place to walk, run and bike by comprehensively evaluating the entire community's existing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and making recommendations for improvements.  The Master Plan was completed in summer 2016.This session will introduce the Woodlands Township Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan including an overview of the planning process as well as lessons learned.  Participants of this session will better understand how to put together a pedestrian and bicycle master plan using best practices for overall planning, public involvement, and tools that help determine appropriate on-street bicycle recommendations.


June Ferrell

Invited Speaker

June is the Manager of the Public Planning Division for Jones|Carter. She has over sixteen years' experience as a professional planner and over twenty in the industry. She is a generalist planner wherein she has worked on transportation, local government, and federal projects. Her work has included projects such ... Read More

John McGowan

Invited Speaker

John McGowan is the Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation for The Woodlands Township, Texas. John oversees park operations, aquatics, planning and construction, and Town Center Operations. John has been with The Township and the entities that came before its existence for 18 years. His role with The Woodlands Township Pedestrian ... Read More

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