Economic Development and Analysis - Web App Builders and Big Data Converge



Wednesday, November 2, 2016
4 p.m. - 5 p.m. CDT

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Web app builders and big data come together to provide GIS users new capabilities for identifying trends and patterns.  Attend and learn how to simply build web apps to leverage your data and get the most out of your GIS investment. 

  • Using ArcGIS Online Web App Builder for Economic Development
    Soham Shah, GIS Specialist, Corporation of the County of Grey, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada 
  • Re-Precincting in New England:  Where Big Data, Data Governance, and GIS Come Together to Avoid the Perfect Storm
    Stephen Sovick, GISP, President / CEO, Northeastern Geospatial Research Professionals, Inc, Duxbury, Massachusetts, United States
    Ellen West Nodwell, GISP, Vice-President Geospatial Services, IntegraShare Solutioneering Inc., The Woodlands, Texas, United States


Soham Shah

Invited Speaker

Soham holds a Bachelors of Science degree in GIS/Geography from the University of Toronto (2011) and a GIS Applications Specialist Postgraduate Certificate from Sir Sandford Fleming College (2012) . He has been working as a GIS Specialist at the County of Grey for the past 3 years focusing on many ... Read More

Stephen Sovick, GISP

Invited Speaker

Stephen B. Sovick is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Northeastern Geospatial Research Professionals, Inc. He has 16 years of professional experience and has dedicated his career to exploring and applying geographical principles to solve complex geospatial problems related to environmental and demographic issues, modeling, and social justice ... Read More

Ellen West Nodwell, GISP

Invited Speaker

Ellen West Nodwell, GISP, is the CEO of IntegraShare Dimensions, Inc. In 1981, Ellen entered the energy business, after having spent nearly a decade in state government in the State of Georgia. Today, she solves problems related to a range of issues that often have the common thread of demographics ... Read More