APA Hawaii Chapter


Thursday, September 22, 2016
2:45 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. CDT

CM | 1.50

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State Departments of Transportation are changing across the country, and Hawai‘i is no exception. According to the Federal Highways Administration, “performance management will transform Federal highway programs and provide a means to more efficient investment of Federal transportation funds by focusing on national transportation goals, increasing the accountability and transparency of the Federal highway programs, and improving transportation investment decision-making through performance-based planning and programming.” What does “performance-based planning and programming” mean for State and County transportation systems? How do land use decisions impact our transportation system? What are examples of innovations being implemented at the state and local level across the country that might be applicable to Hawai‘i?  How is HDOT changing and what does that mean for Hawai‘i’s Counties and Metropolitan Planning Organizations? How can our transportation system support: 1) Housing choice; 2) Transportation choice, and 3) Ladders of opportunity? This panel will provide a Federal, State, County, and community perspective on how together we can create Hawai‘i’s transportation system for the 21st century.


Bev Brody

Invited Speaker

Bev Brody is the Director of Get Fit Kauai; the Nutrition and Physical Activity Community Coalition of Kaua‘i County. Bev oversees 4 task forces and 3 subcommittees. Through its Built Environment and Safe Routes to School Task Forces, Get Fit Kaua‘i has led successful advocacy efforts for three ... Read More

Asia Yeary

Invited Speaker

Asia Yeary is the EPA Region 9 lead for clean energy and transportation projects in Hawaii. She is promoting creative solutions to expand multi-modal transportation options, such as bikeshare. Yeary co-founded the RISE green jobs program and continues to support program growth and development. She helped found the West Coast ... Read More

Ed Sniffen

Invited Speaker

Ed Sniffen is the Deputy Director of the Hawaii Department of Transportation’s Highways Division and oversees nearly 2,500 lane miles of state highways. He is responsible for nearly 1,000 employees in four district offices, six branches and four staff offices across the islands. He previously served as ... Read More

Mark Garrity

Invited Speaker

Mark Garrity, AICP, is the Deputy Director of Transportation Services for the City and County of Honolulu, where he has focused on implementation of Complete Streets, integration of the City’s bus system with the future rail system, encouraging Transit Oriented Development, establishing a network of protected bike lanes, supporting ... Read More

Samantha Thomas

Invited Speaker

Samantha is the Built Environment Manager, co-facilitating walkability with Dan Burden, active-living, safe routes to schools, and neighborhood traffic calming workshops. Working with the community, she develops community-led action plans spanning from Kauai, Hawaii to Long Island, New York. She received her degree in Urban Design from the University of ... Read More