A First Hand Experience of Flagstaff's Urban Trail Systems (FUTS): Enjoy either a hike with Tom Boughner and his pack goats or a FUTS trail bike ride with Martin Ince (Multi-Modal Planner, FMPO)

APA Arizona Chapter


Friday, October 28, 2016
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. MST

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Enjoy the beautiful fall colors and weather in Flagstaff with either a bike ride or hike on Flagstaff’s Urban Trail System (FUTS). We will start with a short (15 to 20 minutes) presentation on the FUTS system, including a description and history of the FUTS, funding sources for construction and maintenance, how the FUTS are used for both recreation and transportation, planning for the FUTS, and what has worked well/not so well. Thereafter, join either a 12-mile guided bike ride that will take participants on a loop to demonstrate the different characteristics of various segments of the FUTS, or take a pack goat-assisted walk along part of the FUTS from Buffalo Park to the north on Lower Oldham Trail into what promises to be some fall colors, including aspen and oaks. Some local pack goats will carry drinking water and sodas. Dress for the weather, including firm shoes and bring an extra layer for warmth. 

Bike Tour:

About 12 miles total, 1.5 to 2 hours of riding (with stops)

  • Mostly FUTS trails, a few streets with bike lanes or quiet streets
  • One serious hill (100 feet high, almost 10% grade), numerous smaller hills


  • Participants should bring their own bikes if possible. If you don't have your own bike, rental bikes from local bike shops will be available.
  • More than half of the route consists of unpaved but hard-packed FUTS; therefore, tires at least 1.5 inches /38 mm wide are recommended.
  • Cruiser bikes (single-speed) are okay, but will probably end up walking some of the hills.
  • Participants should bring water (water is available at Buffalo Park, but nowhere else along the route).

Hike with Goats:

  • We will hike the Lower Oldham Trail.
  • Hikers must have firm shoes/boots appropriate for walking on a rough trail and a suitable jacket for warmth.


tom boughner

Invited Speaker

Code Compliance Manager City of Flagstaff 2012 – 2016 (4 years)|Northern Arizona Managing enforcement of Multi-division ordinances and codes. Environmental Code Enforcement Flagstaff Sustainability Program 2008 – 2012 (4 years) Read More

Martin Ince, AICP

Invited Speaker