Creating Downtown from Scratch - Placemaking Success in Owasso

APA Oklahoma Chapter


Monday, September 26, 2016
9 a.m. - 10 a.m. CDT

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Owasso, OK had a Main Street, mostly just in name. We have been one of the most successful cities in growth and sprawl in a typical suburban fashion, with a great retail base, new housing starts and a well planned community. There was something missing though. We were missing that special place where people can walk around, shop locally and feel like there are a part of the heart of the community. Owasso was missing a downtown. Unlike most cities in Oklahoma, Owasso had no old buildings that needed to be unboarded and dusted off, we had nothing downtown except older cinder block buildings with no character that were built in the late 60s. We had no theme we had to build from. We coul dream, design, and build our downtown from scratch!!! It started with public feedback, then the creation of an overlay district, leading to great partiipation branding and now the dreams are coming true. Owasso's downtown renaissance is underway and we want to share our story!


Bronce Stephenson

Confirmed Speaker

Bronce L. Stephenson, MPA, is the Director of Community Development for the City of Owasso, Oklahoma. Owasso is one of the fastest growing cities in Oklahoma. As the Director of Community Development he oversee the daily operations of the department and its three divisions: Planning; Building Safety; and Code Enforcement ... Read More