Connecting Nature and Commerce Developing Regional Trail Opportunities from Beaches to Longleaf Region Conference

APA Florida Chapter, Emerald Coast Section


Tuesday, September 27, 2016
8 a.m. - 5:15 p.m. CDT

CM | 18

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Day one of two day conference: Session 1: Workshop kick-off, program overview, and introductions. Broad context by highlighting a regional vision of the range of trail projects across the region and intruducing selected kep project areas; Session 2: The dollars and sense of protecting community character ; Session 3: Focuses on how trails contribute to the local economy ; Session 4: The "Why" Part 2: Bridging Health, Environment and Trails Creating a Healthier Community. Session will connect improving the build environment with creating healthier mental and physical health; Action Planning Part 1: Asset Mapping and Assessment. In this session attendees with participate in one of the project areas to identify and assess the assets and connections to the borader beaches to longleaf area; and Session 5: Case studies: How trails transform, session highlights how trails transform communities through improved health, livability and increased opportunities.


Day two of two day conference: Session 6: Trails adn Transportation: How They Work Together - This session provides and overview of how trails connect and contribute to our region's transportation. Covers complete streets, safe routes to schools, connections with pulbic transportation and how to create transportation that serves our region. Session 7: Financing Strategies and Resources - This session will provide financing strategies and identify partners for supporting and completing trail networks. Session 8: Trails for All: How Trails Benefit Our Neighborhoods - Many communities confront obesity, congestion, and scarcity of open space on a daily basis. Promoting use of shared use pathways, enabling access to trails, and providing neighborhood based trail programming can help address thse challenges in important and impacful ways. This session will share ideas and strategies for development, promotion, and improvement of pathways and trail programs for all users. Action Planning 2: Planning for Implementation: Participants will select project area-based teams to identify a project and develop action plans. Followed by presentation of acton plans and facilitated discussion of outcomes and wrap up.


Robyn Birdsong

Invited Speaker

Robin Birdsong joined the FDOT team in August 2015 as the Shared-Use Nonmotorized (SUN) Trail Program Manager. In this capacity, she is working with stakeholders to implement the SUN Trail Program and further FDOTs mission. SUN Trail projects will improve the intermodal connectors by closing gaps in the statewide paved ... Read More

Kendra Briechle

Invited Speaker

Kendra J. Briechle is the Manager for Community and Economic Development with The Conservation Fund's Conservation Leadership Network. Kendra forges on-the-ground conservation solutions by integrating and connecting land conservation with community and economic development goals. Since 2003, she has worked with communities, corporations, and organizations nationwide, leading workshop design ... Read More

Dr. Kalyan Chakraborty

Invited Speaker

Dr. Kalyan (Kai) Chakraborty, Associated Director, Haas Center - Dr. Chakraborty has earned his PhD in Economics from Utah State University and MS in Agricultural and Applied Economics from University of Nevada in 1994. Dr. Chakraborty came to the Haas Center from Emporia State University, Kansas where he was a tenured ... Read More

Vernon Compton

Invited Speaker

Vernon Compton works for The Longleaf Alliance as Project Director of the Gulf Coastal Plain Ecosystem Partnership. The Gulf Coastal Plain Ecosystem Partnership is a voluntary public/private landowner partnership formed in 1996 that now sustains over 1,250,000 acres of diverse habitat within the longleaf pine range. The ... Read More

Pete Conroy

Invited Speaker

Pete Conroy is the Director of Jacksonville State University's Environmental Policy and Information Center (EPIC). Trained as a biologist, Mr. Conroy moved to Alabama in 1985 to work as the Curator of the Anniston Museum of Natural History. Since then, he has received bipartisan appointments from Alabama Governors Bob ... Read More

Sheila Fitzgerald

Invited Speaker

Sheila Fitzgerald has worked for the Santa Rosa Board of Commissioners since 2003 and has worked on outdoor recreation and trail projects including the Milton to Bagdad connector, the extension of the Blackwater Heritage Trail and the development of the Bagdad Mill Site Park. Her experience includes writing applications and ... Read More

Cheryl Morgan

Invited Speaker

Cheryl Morgan is a licensed architect and Emerita Professor of Architecture in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture of Auburn University. In thirty years of teaching she worked with architectural programs at Georgia Institute of Technology, Oklahoma State and California College of Arts and Crafts. For the last ... Read More

Christian Wagley

Invited Speaker

Christian Wagley is principal of Sustainable Town Concepts, a consulting firm working under the premise that the most environmentally-beneficial thing we can do is to build healthy places for people. Christian is a certifying agent for the Florida Green Building Coalition and works with builders, architects, developers, and communities to ... Read More

Robin Reshard

Invited Speaker

Robin Reshard has advocated for and created stories and content about African Americans' experience, history and development in the American visual and vocal conversation for four decades. This advocacy and creative spirit was born in rural Arkansas and set with a foundation from parents, grandparents, and communities of entrepreneurs, artists ... Read More

Grover Robinson

Invited Speaker

Commissioner Grover C. Robinson, IV, is a seventh generation Pensacolian who currently serves as Escambia County's District 4 Commissioner. Robinson has served on the county Commission since 2006, and was appointed chairman in 2010 and 2016. He also served as chairman for the Florida Gulf Consortium, a member of ... Read More

Brian Spencer

Invited Speaker

Brian Spencer was elected to represent District 6 in November 2010 and was recently elected Vice President of the City Council. He represents the City Council on the Downtown Improvement Board and Keep Pensacola Beautiful, Inc. Brian's family moved to the Pensacola area in 1960. Following high school, Brian ... Read More

Debbie Quinn

Invited Speaker

Debbie Quinn grew up in Fairhope, Alabama on Mobile Bay walking and biking everywhere and swimming the bay. She graduated from Fairhope High School, Providence School of Nursing as an RN and received her BS from the University of South Alabama. She and her husband moved several times with the ... Read More

Dan Burden

Invited Speaker


Doug Alderson

Invited Speaker

Doug Alderson works as the assistant bureau chief for the Office of Greenways and Trails, part of the Florida Park Service, helping to coordinate the planning and promotion of non-motorized trails throughout the state. Prior to his current job, he mapped the 1,515-mile Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail. In ... Read More