Island Living – Hazardous to Your Health?

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016
midnight - midnight EST

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Climate change isn't just a warming trend or rising tides – for some, it's a matter of life or death as their communities cling to what's left of their coastal high ground.  These communities are often impacted by other factors that make moving financially difficult, to say the least.  With estimates to relocate ranging from $30 million to $400 million, how does an impoverished community of 382 people handle the expense?  Why is the Army Corps of Engineers so important to their futures?  Where do you go when your livelihood is an ocean-based economy? What are the public health and safety issues that impact these communities? Is it too late – can planners help?  We'll discuss these questions and more in the context of Isle de Jean Charles, LA; Tanger Island, VA; and Kivalina, AK.


Allison Hardin

Allison Hardin, CFM is an urban planner and award-winning planning advocate focused on balancing natural resources with economic development by incorporating principles such as No Adverse Impact, triple bottom line planning, and aiming for resiliency, not just sustainability. Preparation for impacts due to climate change begin at home, so Allison ... Read More

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