The Sharing Economy, Smart Housing, and "Hack to the Future"

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Friday, January 27, 2017, 5:30 p.m.
Friday, January 27, 2017, 9:30 p.m. CST

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The evening discussion will commence with a discourse on the Sharing Economy from Dr. Stacey Sutton. The concepts of the smart city and the sharing economy are at the center of a number of current debates, which touch upon issues like current urbanization trends, the particular economic situation we have faced over the last decade, the spread of connectivity and of new technologies, and the innovation process in general.

Next, a panel on “Smart Housing” will be led by Terran Wilson from Landon Bone Baker, Walker Thisted of Built Worlds, and TBD. This panel will discuss “smart housing strategies” from an energy/ sustainability standpoint (i.e. LEED), as well as from an affordable housing/economically sustainable standpoint. With growing pressure on resources, achieving a sustainable quality of life in cities is one of The United States’ major challenges. Cities of tomorrow need new concepts and materials in sustainable housing and urban mobility to address the challenges of energy efficiency, health, safety, and comfort, as well as environmental impacts. This means that cities need to reduce their total energy consumption, increase their use of renewable energy, and adapt their physical and communication infrastructures.

The Symposium will conclude with “Hack to the Future” speakers, who will provide 20-30 minute presentations about smart technologies and innovations. Steve from CNT, Poonam Gupta from Iyka, Derek Eder, and Steven Philpott.  



Walker Thisted

Walker Thisted, producer at Built Worlds, founding principal at the Naught Company, artist, and architect, has a breadth of experience in the planning space and is proficient in the latest planning technologies. Read More

Poonam Gupta

Poonam Gupta is a Big Data specialist, current creator and president of Iyka Enterprises, Chair of the Government Technology Foundation, Inc. Board, Founder of the Technology Innovation Summit- an effort to bring innovation into mainstream government technology needs, and member of the Woodlawn Community Development Corporation and North West Housing ... Read More

Terran Wilson

Terran Wilson, an Associate since 2011 at Landon Bone Baker Architects, has worked on affordable rehabs and new construction projects, commercial build-outs, and college dormitories. Further, she leads the firm’s ongoing involvement with Rural Studio’s 20K House Project, a program to design and build a model home that ... Read More

Derek Eder

Derek Eder is an entrepreneur, developer, and one of the leaders of the civic technology community in Chicago. During the day, he runs DataMade, a civic technology company that builds open source technology- using data to empower journalists, researchers, governments and advocacy organizations like LISC, The University of Chicago, and ... Read More

Steven Philpott

Steven Philpott, since 2002, has worked to promote new media for community development by working with brands to create public/private development platforms that provide mutual benefit to both brands and distressed communities. He transformed his experience as a successful vice president, product marketing manager and software architect for major ... Read More

Stacey Sutton

Dr. Stacey Sutton’s current research builds on her expertise in three inter-related areas: community economic development, neighborhood change, and small business development and retail landscapes- with a concern for equitable development throughout her work. In addition to her scholarship, Stacey has worked as a research consultant with the Aspen ... Read More

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