Balancing Nature and Commerce in Mountain Resort Communities

APA Idaho


Friday, March 31, 2017
9 a.m. - 9 a.m. MDT

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How will the event offer a professionally relevant learning experience for a planner with at least 4 years of experience?  Though most mountain resort communities are reliant upon a tourist economy, North Americans are increasingly fleeing cities in order to enjoy the quality of life afforded by mountain towns. Yet without savvy planning, gateway communities could easily meet the same fate as the suburban communities that were the promised land of an earlier generation  The event will provide practical and proven lessons on how residents of mountain resort communities can protect their community's identity while stimulating a healthy economy and safeguarding nearby natural and historic resources. Topics discussed include economic development strategies, land-use planning processes, conservation tools, as well as case studies on how peer communities have successfully implemented these tools. Participants will learn how to use these tools, thereby allowing them to protect the character and integrity of communities and landscapes without sacrificing local economic well-being.


How does the event meet a specific planning related training objective?  The event is intended to provide attendees with a variety of planning tools with proven successes in a mountain town and resort community context.


What are the specific training objectives? What do you want the attendees to learn from this event?  Specific training objectives include:

●      Overviewing the common issues experienced in mountain resort communities related to land use planning, conservation, and economic development.

●      Understanding how specific communities used planning tools to successfully implement land use planning, conservation, and economic development goals.


●      Providing strategies and techniques to address challenging planning, conservation, and economic development issues.


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