SESSION 6 Keynote: Developing City Stewards for the 21st Century: National Park Service Urban Agenda

APA New Jersey Chapter


Monday, March 13, 2017
9 a.m. - 10 a.m. EDT

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Using case studies by the National Park Service’s Urban Liaisons, a two-year insurgent experiment to activate National Park Service programming in cities across the United States, we will describe some of the pitfalls and successes of attempting to boldly go where few park rangers have gone before. We will look closely at the situation on the ground in both Detroit, Michigan and Anacostia in Washington DC.


In 2015 the National Park Service launched its Urban Agenda, an initiative similar to that of many federal agencies anxious about the changing demographics in the country, and the pending shift to urbanized populations by 2050. Ten individuals were placed in ten cities to attempt to change the way the NPS engages with community level programs. Some are career employees, some come from partner organizations, and several are planners and architects.


Missy Morrison

Ms. Morrison has a multi-disciplinary background in urban planning and anthropology, and her work in these fields has spanned many areas within the US and abroad and the private and public sectors. Her college education began at Temple University, with a BA in Anthropology, and continued at Rutgers University where ... Read More

David Goldstein

Mr. Goldstein is an anthropologist who has worked in the National Park Service for the past four years as an outreach coordinator and interpretation division chief on St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. He was raised in the Detroit Metro Area where his parents still live. From an early age ... Read More

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