The Pros and Cons of In-House Comprehensive Plans in Small/Rural Jurisdictions

APA Kentucky Chapter


Friday, May 19, 2017
10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. CDT

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Join planners from Scott, Bourbon, Clark, and Barren counties for a discussion forum on Comprehensive Planning in small and mid-sized Kentucky communities.  This session focuses on 1) what has worked, 2) what has not worked, and 3) lingering questions.  We will examine what we wish we’d known before starting and discuss when and why it may be appropriate to hire an outside consultant.

Attendees will gain understanding of the Comprehensive Plan research and update processes used in several county-wide plans throughout the state of Kentucky.  

A series of discussion questions will allow panelists and attendees to share successes and failures.  Questions to be addressed include:

1. What is something that worked well in your Comp Plan process?

2. What didn’t work so well?

3. Are there things you wish you knew earlier in your process?

4. What would you change when you begin your next update/write your next plan?

5. Did you write your plan in house or use a consultant?  Did you split tasks?  If so, what are your take-aways from this experience?  If not, do you think you’d make changes on your next update?

6. What were the best ways you engaged the local citizens?

7. Did you have any strong opposition to your plan?  Your process?  If so, please describe the issue and the way you handled it.

8. Open Q&A from the attendees

Attendees will be asked to participate in answers and solutions to common problems.  

This session is geared toward smaller, to mid-sized community planning departments, and rural land use planning concerns.


Andrea Pompei Lacy

Invited Speaker

Andrea Pompei Lacy, AICP, serves as the first full-time Planning Administrator for the Bourbon County Joint Planning Office; based in Paris, Kentucky. As the new Planner in town, she is generally focused on creating organizational stability while working to strengthen the existing codes and ordinances. With over seven years of ... Read More

Megan Enyeart Chan

Invited Speaker

Megan Enyeart Chan, AICP, is a highly motivated urban planner with a passion for community engagement, design, and policy in the creation of vibrant public spaces. Megan has a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Yale University and a Master of Urban Planning from the University of Louisville. While originally ... Read More

Robert Jeffries

Invited Speaker

Robert Jeffries serves as the Director of Planning and Community Development for the City of Winchester and Clark County. As the Director, he is responsible for administering and organizing the planning processes and directs the enforcement of building and zoning codes. Knowing that public input drives the success of a ... Read More

Kevin Myatt

Invited Speaker

Kevin Myatt serves as the Planning Director for the Joint City-County Planning Commission of Barren County; based in Glasgow, Kentucky, but servicing Cave City, Park City and Barren County. Kevin has been with the JCCPC for thirteen years and has a staff of just 2 people, himself included. Kevin oversaw ... Read More

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